640px-Zaryte bow detail

Zaryte Bow

The zaryte bow used to be a fairly decent ranged weapon with a special attack similar to a dark bow but has a lower moact rate at 0% bonus damage, this is why players choose to switch to a dark bow as a special attack weapon.

Now, the zaryte bow's special hits upwards of 800 LP, and up to 700 with normal attacks.  It remains at 300M-350M.

The zaryte bow is the most powerful bow in the game, the zaryte bow's strength is stronger than a chaotic maul but slower than a dark bow, this bow is an alternative to the chaotic crossbow which can be obtained at the dungeoneering master in lumbride just above the lumbride furnace. this weapon blows now.

The chaotic crossbow has the speed of a normal crossbow but lower accuracy than the zaryte bow.

If the chaotic crossbow is used with dragon darts (e) or dragon darts, with 99 ranged the player can hit 450s constant. The zaryte bow on the other had does not use arrows so it gets rid if the system of picking up arrows or wearing ava's accumilator, which leaves the back slot avalable. The zaryte bow can hit 800s+ with the prayer 'rigour'.

The zaryte bow is classed as overpowered but others may think otherwise, this is because the zaryte bow's chance of hitting is quite low so most times the bow may not hit, although sometimes it will, the chaotic crossbow however is most likley to hit 200+ in any conditon.