Picture of Complete Sword

Zammy player

Player Wielding the Zamorak Godsword

The Zamorak Godsword is one of the Godswords that was fought over during the God Wars. It is created by adding the Zamorak hilt to a completed Godsword blade.

It's special  freezes the opponent for 50 seconds, similar to Ice Burst, and appears to boost agility level. The special attack also boosts around 70 hp, making it possible for pking and not completely useless in PvM activities.This drains the special attack bar by 20%, allowing consecutive uses. It is the only ranged weapon that has a Insta-Kill effect, making it useful for players who do not train Magic or do not have a high enough Magic level to cast any advanced ice spells. Also, it's less expensive over time than using Ancient Magicks.

Despite its reputation as being the "worst" godsword, it has a few perks that are often overlooked. Most of these are helpful in PvP situations.

  • Its special attack can freeze a mage in place to prevent casting, leaving the mage defenseless (effective in PvP).
  • Like all freezing effects, the special attack interrupts combat, forcing the victim to click "Attack" to resume fighting. This often gives the wielder a moment to inflict damage without being attacked back if the victim is not aware of this effect. (only effective in PvP)
  • One strategy that a Zamorak godsword wielder can use is to stand under the opponent after using the special attack. This prevents counter-attacks. The wielder can step back out to attack and then retreat back under the opponent. While the wielder can still be hit back, even fast weapons like whips will not get any more hits than the godsword user, temporarily removing the disadvantage of the weapons's slow speed and making it in a sense the "fastest" godsword for the duration of the special attack.
  • The Zamorak Godswords always has an effective attack if it hits. If it hits a 10 (or sometimes even a 0) the freeze effect has its full duration, while the other Godswords would have nearly no effect at all.
  • It's very handy for using at the Barrows minigame. Players will use the freezing special on Verac (like people do with Ice Barrage).

Unique to the Zamorak godsword is that while the other godswords have a dark tint near the guard and the tip of the sword, the Zamorak godsword lacks this tint, being a full bright silver colour from base to tip.

Soulsplit Price: 40-60M