How to Vote Soulsplit

How to Vote Soulsplit

Voting is what keeps the server alive. The server gets votes, meaning more players, and you get special rewards, so why not take the minute of yours and vote?


When you type an auth code, you will be given a Reward Token. You may sell it for 20-30M cash to other players and make a good proffit for yourself, or simply click on it to redeem the reward. You get 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens and 100 voting hits for the next 10 minutes. You also get some rocktails and some barrage runes. And the best, a random reward that can be anything as good as Steadfast boots, Vesta's or Statius' armor/weapon piece. You may also get Elite Void Knight pieces. The most common are Brawler gloves and rune defender/fire capes. Test your luck today! 


- Auth Codes expire after 24 hours, so use them quickly!

- You may only redeem auth codes in World 1.

- You can get a chaotic in just ten days without doing any Dungeoneering with just voting!

- You get two auth codes for every time you vote!

- If you vote with your account, you get Soulsplit 2 Shop credits as well! 

- The auth codes on the picture above are NOT used by me! First one to use them gets them! :)