Skillcapes Are Mastery Capes When A Specific Skill Has Been Mastered.*Types Of Skill Capes:

  • Farming Mastery Cape
  • Strength Mastery Cape
  • Attack Mastery Cape
  • Defense Mastery Cape
  • Summoning Mastery Cape
  • And so on....
  • Skillcapes Can Costs Around 100,000 And Untradeable.

* Skillcapes Contains Emotes When Used. (This Also Applies To The Real Runescape).

Over the course of a person's soulsplit career they try to acheive the highest level possible in each skill, known as a "99" it's the highest level you can train your stats besides dungeneering, aka "dung" 120 is the max level you can train dung. But in all other stats the max you can train your stats is 99, now when you get your 99 you can go to the guy named the "wise old man" trade him and select your skill cape to buy and wear from the shop. The skillcape cost 99k and it comes with a hood to match the cape, each skill cape has its own uniques about it and each with hold a emote as displayed above theirs are a few emotes of strength etc.Even a cum cuzzling thundercunt can get one.