Mod Ko9 is the head developer of soulsplit.

Mod ko9 isnt part of the soulsplit team anymore, but here is a list of what Ko9 has done for the community:

o- Dicing

o- Fixed staking bugs

o- Helped Develop SoulWars minigame

Mod Ko9 has been a part of rs developing since 2004, and is a player moderator in runescape.

Mod ko9 was the head of staff at   godzHell (DOT) com   when that was in the prime of its life, around 2007.

Mod ko9 is also known as Defence, and his choice of build for runescape character is Obsidian Tank, generally getting 91+ strength, 40 defence, 60+ hitpoints, and 31 prayer..

Mod Ko9 enjoys pking, and making youtube videos in his spare time.