Cape o' Legends
The Legends Cape (Also called the Cape of Legends) is an untradeble cape obtainable by Legend accounts only. This cape is very similar to the Fire Cape in stats, however it's strength bonus is two less than that of the Fire Cape (+2 instead of +4). It exceeds the Fire cape in offensive bonuses, giving +6 to every melee style and +7 to magic and ranged attack.

If lost, speak to the Legends Guard next to Bob's Brilliant Axes shop in lumbridge, it is free and you can retrieve it back as many times as you want. Note that this is available to legend accounts only.



Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
+6 +6 +6 +7 +7
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
+11 +11 +11 +11 +11
Strength Bonus Prayer Bonus
+2 +2

Legends Cape vs. Fire CapeEdit

The one cape that is comparable to the Legends Cape is the Fire Cape. The Fire Cape focuses mostly on strength bonuses, and the Legends Cape focuses mostly on attack bonuses. To put this into perspective, one should think of why a player would wear a fighter hat over the helm of neitiznot. Both helms have similar defense bonuses, but the fighter hat has +5 offensive bonuses, whereas helm of neitiznot has a +3 strength bonus. This is a similar case with the legends cape and the fire cape. Legends cape has +5 more offensive bonuses than the fire cape, but the fire cape has +2 more strength bonus. It is also important to note that the Fire Cape takes longer to obtain than the Legends Cape, by either purchasing it with 6 Vote Points, or defeating TzTok-Jad in the Fight Caves; however, any account can obtain this item, rather than just only legends. Of course, many players would prefer the Fire Cape over aesthetical reasons, because it is one of the few animated capes in the game.